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Video Case Presentations

MediaSphere provides a unique platform and supportive services that showcase, in high-definition, live and on-demand video case presentations. MediaSphere will manage the live case recording, post-production editing, transmission, interactive panel discussions, Q&A sessions, registration, hosting, maintenance, and distribution.

video-case-presentations-artSponsorship of video case presentations offers organizations an effective vehicle to enhance the clinician communities’ knowledge about key applications of their technology within the real world clinical setting.

The Innovations Case Theater™ is an engaging digital property which enables clinicians to obtain comprehensive insights into optimal patient care strategies through illustrative case videos. The clinician community can observe emerging techniques, the deployment of innovative technology, and learn practical tips from leading experts, conveniently online at their home or office.

The Innovations Case Theater™ brings new depth of clarity and focus to video case presentations. Going beyond simply pre-recorded video; online cases include companion video, operator narration, secondary commentary, and “split-screen” video. The case presentations will validate how and why technologies employed during the procedure impact outcomes.