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Webcasting and Simulcasts

MediaSphere provides webcasting services for online specific programs, educational live conferences, meetings and events of any size or scope. Using an innovative webcasting platform, we record your speakers' audio and video synchronized with their visual aids and instantly stream the presentation online or alternatively, deliver as an on-demand webcast. Time-constrained clinicians benefit from advancements in webcasting technology that broadcasts live and on-demand educational activities in crystal clear high-definition.

webcast-simulcastClinicians can watch these illustrative educational activities anytime, anywhere - from laptop to mobile devices. We've perfected a system and full-scale service that will make your virtual event or live simulcast an absolute success.

MediaSphere will manage each aspect of the webcast activity for our clients, including production, customized platform development, transmission, hosting, registration, Q&A sessions, maintenance, distribution, audience generation, content updates, and the provision of analytic data.

Integrating our digital abilities with our meeting management expertise, MediaSphere provides global simulcast capabilities that broadcast live meeting sessions to registered attendees from around the globe, via secure satellite and/or multicast transmissions. Additionally, we possess an array of enduring material creation capabilities which enables the dissemination of live meeting proceedings post event, by means of on-demand webcasts and virtual sessions.