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Activity Description

Pain management is a major challenge for clinicians, who must ensure appropriate and effective pain control for their patients, while remaining cognizant of the various negative effects of opioid dependence and addiction. Postoperative pain control after pectus excavatum repair surgery is an Achilles' heel of the procedure, with the historical mainstays of narcotic based, multimodal therapy offering suboptimal results. 

This activity evaluates the promising strategy of employing intra-operative cryoanalgesia following pectus excavatum repair for improved pain control outcomes. The leading experts share their clinical experiences, assess optimal surgical techniques, and review key strategies to ensure successful procedural implementation of cryoanalgesia therapy in daily practice.

Cardiac Rhythm Management

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tmb AtriCure2018 cryoa GRaff pres

Cryoanalgesia as an Adjunct in Pain Control after the Nuss Procedure
Gary Raff, MD


tmb AtriCure2018 cryoa Gadepalli pres

Cryoablation for Pectus Surgery: Intrapleural Approach
Samir Gadepalli, MD, MBA, MSc


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Panel Discussion
Gary Raff, MD and Samir Gadepalli, MD, MBA, MSc


Cardiac Rhythm Management

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tmb AtriCure2018 cryoa SGadepalli port

Samir Gadepalli, MD, MBA, MSc
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Surgery
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

tmb AtriCure2018 cryoa GRaff port

Gary Raff, MD
UC Davis School of Medicine
Professor of Clinical Surgery
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Section of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
Sacramento, CA


Cardiac Rhythm Management